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Kitchen Closes at 8:00 PM Friday, Saturday, & Monday

Reservations Recommended But Not Required

Please note that our hours are subject to change & weather conditions, so you may want to call in advance to be sure we're open 719-689-4199

Steak House and Hamburger Restaurant

Nestled in a picturesque valley of the Rocky Mountains is The Bull Moose, a restaurant and bar that offers warm welcomes, delicious meals, and superb views.

The Bull Moose Restaurant is located in Guffey, Colorado. Guffey is an old mining town that is nestled in a picturesque valley of the Rocky Mountains. Come in for a warm welcome, delicious meal, and enjoy the wonderful scenery and mountain air. We are also a steak house and hamburger restaurant. Come into our American restaurant for a delicious meal. We are a bar and grill that serves both food and drink. Do not miss our live music shows as we are a live music venue many weekends during the year. If you are passing through Guffey, do not forget to stop and check out the historical landmarks in the town and the outlying areas that are great tourist attractions. When you are planning your next big event, our restaurant also serves as a spacious wedding venue.

Bar & Grill

We have a full bar including many top choice drafts and bottled beers. Being a steak house we offer different kinds of wines and other fine alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages to complement your meal. We are a barbecue restaurant serving pulled pork sandwiches, as well as brisket and ribs during the summer, especially the July 4 holiday. We are a bar & grill that has it all!

We have been chosen by the People ' s Choice Awards to have the best hamburger in Park County several times.

Live Music Venue

We have live bands many select weekends throughout the year. Do not miss our great shows as our live music venue is the place to be for the best live music in Guffey, CO. Karaoke is hosted each and every Friday night beginning at 7 PM. Come belt out your tunes or just enjoy the fun.

Tourist Attraction

The first thing you will notice about Guffey, Colorado is the cooler temperatures and mountainous landscape. You may even enjoy passing through Guffey more than your target destination so come check us out! The Royal Gorge is a tourist attraction that is 21 miles SE of us and the Spinney Reservoir (famous for fly fishing) right up the road. Many things to do and see!

Historical Landmark

Many buildings and other locations in and outlying the town of Guffey are historical landmarks.

Wedding Venue and Events

Do you have a big event coming up? Our wedding venue will make sure your reception is a great event to remember. As a live music venue, we can host live bands, DJs and more! We also host meetings, reunions and private parties (birthdays, etc). Please call 719.689.4199 to schedule your next special event!

Guffey is rated by AARP as one of the top "6 hidden locations to visit in the United States."


Bingo with Cash Prizes 6:00 PM

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